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How to become a Redskins Coach

1.      All coaches must:

                                          a   Fill out a coaching application (available online or from the appropriate coordinator).

                                         b   Pass a Back Ground Check.

                                          c   Sign the Redskins Code of Conduct.

                                         d   Pass the CDC Concussion Test.

                                          e   Pass the AYF Football Coaches Test.

                                          f   Pass an interview with the Board of Directors.

General Questions

  1. No Refunds.
  2.  No personal checks will be accepted during the season for registrations, equipment, uniforms, fund raisers or souvenir. Cash, money orders or online credit cards will be accepted.
  3. An email address is at the bottom of this page to reach the Executive Board members. The head coach will give out their contact information during practice.
  4. Coaches are not babysitters. The Head Coach is responsible for running the practice, teaching the necessary skills and getting the team ready for the upcoming game/competition.  Please be prompt for practice and pick up your child on time.
  5. All uniforms and equipment will be returned to the Woonsocket Redskins at the end of the season or when the child leaves a team.
  6. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated in any way.  If a situation arises; the violator will be dismissed from the field. The football or cheer coordinator will review situations and determine resolution, if no resolution can be found then the Executive Board will meet with all parties involved.
  7. Parent Expectations: The parents and family members are strongly incur aged to attend the monthly business meetings for The Woonsocket Redskins. Dates, times, and locations are posted on the Woonsocket Redskins Facebook page.

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